A Tsunami is coming, Warning! We need to be ready - Akosa Onyedikachi

When I look at online platforms (forums) that have no proper moderation especially in Nigeria I start to wonder if we are actually encouraging or discouraging the existence of this once great country or the unity. I have come across soo many derogatory comments by users of a particular Nigerian Forum I visit a lot (not mentioning name), inciting hate language against other tribes. In a sane country, with proper regulations on the part of the government, such owners of such online forums would have been arrested and made to produce information that would track down those people and make them scapegoats. But well, we are in Nigeria, anything goes. Maybe that's why we have more corrupt people in the government only interested in their pockets and not the wellbeing of the country at large.

Any act of tribalism is unacceptable and should be dealt with accordingly. We need to make our system work. Hate can only slow a collective progress, the world is just watching us and waiting to exploit us based on our differences, we better be wise now. We accepted this marriage many years ago when we came together, let us learn to live with each other.

We have more pressing issues than tribal wars. A TSUNAMI IS COMING, and we better be ready.

Who would ever think that a disease could just pop out of nowhere and start killing people and the whole world is at alert. This one respects nobody, rich, poor, christian or moslem, Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa, PDP or APC.

In my opinion I think by now if we where separated as a country, maybe a particular tribe would have imported the "coronavirus" since the inception. Why do we play this hate game a lot in Africa. We need to be sensitive to one and other, If you discover someone or some people like power a lot, just let them be, device a means not to be affected by their flexing of muscle intelligently. If you believe you have power take the bull by the horn and get what you want even if it costs your life, then maybe it will be really serious.

Please lets try and build this country together. Say No To Tribalism! We Can Still Work Together!


Sorry, I would like to ask 2 questions...

1. Who or which ministry in government is responsible for Climate or Weather reports in Nigeria? I mean someone we can hold responsible incase a serious earthquake happens in Nigeria and we are not informed before time. I heard that Haiti had an earthquake and about 250,000 people died and Japan had a higher magnitude earthquake with tsunami and only 15,000 people died. 2nd Question: What do you think the both countries did differently?

Let me not be talking about Tsunami and "Tsunami come catch up with us".

Just say this little prayer: Lord have mercy.

Article Was Written By Akosa Onyedikachi. Founder: Kreate1000.

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