The Step By Step Guide Creating a Facebook Sales Funnel

Most of us keep playing around on 'Facebook', from the younger to the older Generation; it has become a daily necessity now for people to keep up with family members far away, friends and most of all information these days. But don't you think turning it into a money spinner and a customer converter base will make you happier.

Ok! The question now is what actually is a sale funnel or digital marketing funnel?

A basic structure that would give you a profitable business if tracked by the clients; starting from a prospect to lead to the customer to repeat buyers. Every sales model tends to break down the marketing funnel into various steps depending on its requirement.

When you have a dynamic platform intended for this purpose like Facebook, what matters is how do you use it for remarketing? Instead of feeling frustrated on not getting instant results one should focus on this process step by step.

For the simplest explanation of a Facebook sales funnel, we can think of funnel churning out money, of course by also adding fuel into it. The fuel in this context refers to quality content which can be really good blogs and articles, attractive advertisements, social media which is Facebook itself and the funnel will be all set to promote your business.

Now let's go step by step

Content building is the basic structure when it comes to opportunity funnel. So you would need to focus on videos, blogs, e-books, that are very engaging and good enough to bind the audience.

Once you have taken care of effective content, you will get to this point where you need to "Understand your audience." It might sound too easy but it's a process that requires lot of hard work and planning. Segregating people on various basis, so that you are aware on whom to focus. Go on and find some things people would find juicy to read, post them on targeted Facebook pages and groups. Is your content able to bring the traffic? Don't stop until you can firmly say a big YES.

Now, turn your audience. Oh! How to do that is something tricky, what you can do is don't end give a closer zip lock to your blogs. Let your videos do that. Let it convey the remaining in an interesting way. In this way, you will bring audience directly to the 'offer' which is included in a nutshell in the video. And now the snake's tail tappers as we move down, you are pushing the audience on to your landing page and then to the product page.

Ahah! Stop not, the goal is yet to be achieved. After doing so much we brought them till this stage, but every one of them will not get converted. So, now lure them simply with discounted offers, free trials, free e-books and many more innovative ideas.

Customers' trust is to be built now from mouth to mouth process, so try to add testimonials. You just need to develop that trust factor.

Finally, that sugar coated remarketing strategy will do the job. But, that is where you need to work according to your specific business in order to drive people to purchase the product at the price decided by you.

Things to remember

While dealing with this, there are few essential things to be kept in mind.

•Firstly, don't play with the Facebook technologies. If you are not having pixel installation, custom conversion or a tag management, then you are probably inviting trouble for yourself.

•Try to understand the intention of the audience, somebody is searching for the product that doesn't mean he will buy it as well. So we need to do a research on the mind-set of the customers of the niche.

•Your content is the tool, use your weapon and develop that desire inside the customer and turn them into a customer. The content, of course, needs to be explanatory and logical one, else you are writing to feed no one's head.

•Don't lack the trust in Facebook, the platform is going to prove a lead convertor or a lead funnel.

Okay! Now you are good to go.

Boost your business today

Shape your latest and most efficient digital marketing sales funnel today and give a new base to your business, making it more result-oriented.

If you are running a Facebook page for your business, you must be looking for a smart way to use the channel for lead conversion.

Having millions and billions of fans and followers is one thing, but converting them to paying customers is altogether a different ball game. Unless you have a customized sales funnel in place. Do these all effectively and the sales funnel will be all set to promote your business!


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