Best Steps to Making Money Online From Nigeria Legitimately

Today people still ask if it is possible to make money online legitimately from Nigeria, and I always ask them back, if it is possible to make money legitimately offline from Nigeria. Just the same way you make money offline in Nigeria; you can also make money online in Nigeria.

The internet is not a new thing in this part of the world with over 80% of Nigeria’s population having access to mobile smart phones, whatsapp, facebook and other social media platforms out there that has made it much easier for businesses and people to connect online now.

I would show you simple steps to take now if you want to start making money online legitimately, read on:

Firstly you must decide the problems you want to help people solve everyday, is it loosing weight, gaining financial freedom like I am doing, increase in spirituality, security, health issues, whatever the problem is, there are thousands of people out there who need this problems fixed and they would patronize you if you can just convince them you can actually solve the problem for them.

Secondly you must have products or services available online that can address or solve the problems of your potential clients. These products can be in form of EBooks, Software, Tech Gadgets, Medicine, ETC… you also need to have a store front online where you can sell these products or services. This could be in form of a website, blog, landing page, social media Fan Page. This step would require some level of creativity and expertise, like when choosing a name for your online business, designing your website, blog or social media page, giving your sites the best engaging feel or theme, setting up your digital products for download.

Thirdly you would need to get a very good online payment processing gateway. This is the gateway that would allow you to receive money online from your potential customers. I always recommend PAYSTACK.
Paystack is a CBN approved online financial institution that helps individuals like you and I, who might not have the luxury of paying heavily to interswitch to integrate payment gateways on our sites or pages. The good thing about Paystack is that they give you different ways to transact, if you wish to send invoice so you can be paid your money via email or you just need a link to send to you customers to pay you with using their debit card, they are very flexible. And it is free to register and start using. They only make money when you make money and most times less than 2% of what you earn for their services.

The final step for today is that you need to make use of social media platforms to increase traffic to your online business. You need fan pages on the popular social media platforms like, facebook, linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. Try to develop content everyday and post on these platforms leaving a link back to you site, to encourage people to visit you store front. Also paid advertising is another good way to jump start your business, but it needs to be done correctly.

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