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From: The Household of A.C Onyedikachi 
The Founder of Kreate1000

This is the most powerful marketing tool that you’re not making the most of right now.

Ever felt as if your marketing efforts aren’t paying off? Like you’re shouting into a void?

You’ve tried to get PPC (Pay Per Click) ads to work with you on Facebook or Google plenty of times. But each time you do, you just spend the money and never see any results.

What isn’t working? Why aren’t people buying?

How are you supposed to get even a 1% conversion rate?

You might think that you’re missing some vital ingredient – or even that the whole system is an illusion that doesn’t really work for anyone.

Let me tell you: people are getting rich by selling products through Facebook and Google ads. You just haven’t found the magic formula yet.

And this book can help.


The key is just designing the right ads and using the right tools.

You might assume that there’s a problem with your product, perhaps your sales script, or perhaps the audience themselves.

But in truth, it’s all about WHO you are sending to your landing page and WHEN.

You get a 1% conversion rate – even a 10% conversion rate – by sending people who are already interested in your product!

And that’s the beauty: This ONLY concerns people who have already shown a real interest in your product.

It digs into those 2.2 BILLION users on Facebook and it finds the ones that have shown an ACTUAL INTEREST in your product.

That is the most targeted you can be. They’re not just the right age, the right sex, in the right location…

These people are actively looking for what you sell.

And they like your brand.

They JUST haven’t clicked buy yet – and that’s where this secret strategy comes in. It reminds them – right when they’re most susceptible.

Allow me to introduce...

"KREATE1000's Facebook Retargeting Secrets"

This would show you how to use facebook retargeting To Boost Sales For Your Product or Service

Here's exactly what you'll get:

An Ebook Guide

There’s more to be gained from this than just reaching out to the audience you’ve already started to establish. This tool can actually help you to build your authority, familiarity, brand awareness, and so much more.

And this book will help you tap into those secrets.

Here are just a few benefits you’ll reap when you read the full book:

Learn to use the power of re-targeting to sell products that aren’t shifting

Learn to use this strategy to strengthen your audience and brand visibility

See how this secret can help you establish authority and familiarity

See how it can work with a mailing list for even more power

Use this strategy with a larger campaign for even greater benefits

Create a Facebook campaign that will address your IDEAL audience

Create copy and images that will leap out and get clicked!

Overcome potential hurdles like GDPR

And much more!



Learn How You Can Make Over A Million Naira in The Next 30 Days.
Kreate1000 Online Master Class is a digital marketing concept that helps individuals who want to start earning money online kick start their own online business in a matter of days. We provide unbeatable and simple to understand training online to help you implement our concept and start earning money almost immediately. We have over a hundred students who have started applying our concepts and making a steady income online.

We give our students access to over a thousand digital products and help them identify hot demand products in the form of ebooks, software, videos, online courses and other digital materials that already have existing customer base. We help them develop a highly responsive landing page where the digital products would be sold from, and we give them our winning social media advertising formula to help their products reach the actual potential customers they desire, we would not leave you until you have finally sold up to a thousand digital products, Hence our name KREATE1000. We would help you create a dynamic sales funnel that can fetch you a thousand clients within a month.

If you’re ready to get started, and you want to start profiting right now, then dive in and read the full book. You’ll find that this is an investment that pays for itself many times over!

Here are more of the benefits that you’ll gain:
Provide you with marketable skills as an internet marketer:

Help you to promote a cause or issue
Save you huge amounts of money on failed marketing campaigns and ads
Accelerate your business and drive more traffic and customers
Improve your general understanding of advertising and marketing
And MUCH more

How Much is This Going To Cost You?

You can own KREATE1000's Retargeting Secrets together with all the bonuses for only 1,000 NGR. 

I guess this is a truly incredible deal!

Did I mention this eBook is only 1,000 NGR? 
It’s definitely a point worth repeating. 
You will be hard-pressed to find a more valuable resource.

I'm delighted to have the chance to share this powerful guide with you.

Again, you will receive this comprehensive and valuable insight for only 1,000 NGR .

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