How To Setup An Online Business That Pays You While You Sleep.

Introduction: Information Marketing.

I guess a lot of you understand what information and marketing is, Information marketing is not a new type of business, it has been existing for centuries, The news agencies are practicing information marketing in their own way, In our present day almost everybody is an information marketer one way or the other but you are not yet making money from it that’s the difference. If you are not a patient reader, this might not be the place for you to be, because you need to focus a little to make the best out of this post you would be reading. Now let us begin with the content. 


1. What is information marketing?

2. Digital Products

3. How it Works

4. Monetizing 

5. Traffic

6. Conclusion

1. What is Information Marketing?

We need to understand the two words "Information" and "Marketing". Information in other words could mean knowledge, Data, Advice, Statistics, etc, while marketing is a process of promoting and selling products or services to the final consumer. Now in simple English, Information Marketing can be defined as the creating, promoting and selling of digital products which help to solve a problem within a specific niche or topic. A niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. Examples of A Niche; Specialty Food Stuffs, High quality coffee, Toys individually tailored for children, Wedding Niche, Body Building Niche, Health Niche, Finance Niche, Political Niche, etc...

Look at it this way, you have to create information in form of a digital product that can solve a problem in a particular niche, promote and sell it.

2. Digital Products:

What are digital products?

Digital products are products that take a digital form, it is not like a physical product but e-products, products you can only access through electronic means. Examples are e-books, video training courses, software, live coaching programs, Audio interviews, Mobile Apps & Games, etc...

As compared to selling physical products, Digital products have soo many great benefits that should make you consider trying out this business model. The advantages are stated here:

(a). Create once, sell unlimited: Digital products are products you just develop once and you can sell it to as much people as you want. Just imagine you have an eBook or Video that shows step by step method on how to reduce weight (10kg) in 2 weeks, be sure you would sell to a whole lot to people seeking for ways to reduce their weight.

(b). No need for physical storage: With digital products, you don't need a physical storage because its not something physical that requires physical space. The types of storage you may need are hard disk, flash drive, memory card, online database or storage.

(c). No shipping or delivery cost: Digital products don't need shipping or delivery costs because they are not physical products. These products are usually downloaded, installed or streamed online. Which ever way, you don't have to pay any shipping or delivery cost.

(d). Selling price is flexible: You have total control of how you want to sell, that means you can put the selling price of your digital product at any price you desire.

(e). High profit margins: When you are involved in selling digital products, the profit margins are quite good. You just created a product, you don't have to put in more effort to create for every customer, that's why you can make real profit on just one digital product, when you sell to many users of that product.

(f). No need for expensive office space.

3. How it Works:
Information marketing is possible and profitable when you have the know how or working knowledge. We said earlier that information marketing is the process of creating, promoting and selling digital products which help to solve a problem in a particular niche right? Now pay attention, the promotion, selling and delivery process are based around 3 components which are; Squeeze Page, Sales Page and Download Area. These are the major components of a successful information marketing business. A squeeze page is where you give general information most often free information that can prompt your prospective customer to go to your sales page and make a purchase. The sales page is where you write your pitch, where you try to sell your digital product to the prospective customers, this pages would have to be done with a good content strategist, someone that can write contents in a way that converts putting in mind keywords research to help your pages search engine optimization process, where your prospects can actually find your pages through search engines like Google. You would also need to integrate a payment processing gateway that would allow you accept payments on that page that leads to the download area. A good company that allows for the integration of free payment processing gateway is Paystack, they allow you receive money online through your sites for a little commission, and they are well regulated by various financial institutions, due certifications to operate and CBN certified.

The download area is where the digital product is positioned so that after a successful transaction through the payment gateway, you would be able to download the digital products. These 3 components of the information marketing process is what we call an Information Marketing Site. Now we would discuss about what an information marketing site is and how you can build an information marketing website.

Important: Building an information marketing website

If you know how blogs operate then you would understand that an information site is also a blog. Many people are scared of venturing into online businesses that require you to operate a website, maybe because of the cost of setting up one or the technical know how. Today its not difficult to have a website or blog, with no less than N1,100 Naira you can buy a domain name and have your site built with free resources from Google and it still appears very professional. If you need to purchase a domain name click the link to visit Domainkinga domain name can be you business name, .com, .org, .net, etc. 

If you need to use Google Free Resource for Bloggers Visit and create a blog after creating the site, go back to the domainking dashboard and locate at the end of the page where you can install the domain name with the blogger site, it’s that simple 

For specific guidelines you can contact me for more on integrating a customized domain name with blogger through the contact us page 

4. Monetizing: 

I would be discussing about 3 methods of monetizing your information site. But what really is monetizing? Monetizing is the process, tool or method in which you use to make money on your website. Monetizing is the money converting aspect of digital marketing. Here are 3 of the best monetizing strategies out there

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is an advertising system Google uses to compensate information marketers, through number of clicks people visiting your information marketing site give on their sponsored adverts. They usually refer to it as commissions. This is a good way to setup a monetizing system that would always pay you even while you are sleeping at night. I have maintained a Google Adsense account with Google for over 10 years, I can surely tell you that they are very reliable when it comes to paying their commissions. We have a simple method we teach anyone who wants to learn how to get good content for their information site and get approved for Google Adsense Account in less than 7 Days.

Direct Affiliate Marketing:

This is another monetizing program that entails you having an account with an Online Store, Ecommerce Store, Web Development Company, Food Company, etc, and you sign up for their affiliate program, usually if you look properly around the footer part of the website you would see affiliate marketing somewhere. A good Affiliate Marketing Program is Amazon, Amazon is the biggest online store in the world and they give affiliates a great reward commission for every sale you make through your referral links. You can always choose some niche products from Amazon write an article about the product and refer people to go buy it through the Amazon Affiliate Link you have obtained and post on your blog.

Payment Processing Gateways:

This is also a major way to monetize your site especially if you are going to be selling your digital products directly on your site. As I mentioned earlier, a payment processing gateway would allow you accept payments on your website pages that leads to the download area of any digital product you want to sell. I also sai a good online company that gives this service is paystack and its free to use.

5. Traffic

Having an information Marketing site is a great way to start an online business that can pay you even while you sleep, but if you don’t have people seeing your information marketing site that means the whole process is meaningless. You need people to see and maybe decide if they want to buy your digital products or click on any Google advert that interest them on your site that automatically converts to money, you need plenty of people, you need plenty of traffic to your site. This particular topic is very wide but I would try my possible best to make you understand the basics.

Here are 10 highlights that can help you increase traffic to your information marketing site or social media pages.

• Create A Good Logo (Brand) For Your Site

• Set up as much social media accounts you can and add the same logo (Branding) to all

• Add Links from your website to your social media accounts

• Post content to your social media account

• Join niche public groups that have lots of members,

• like relevant pages on social media

• Share your content on relevant groups and pages

• Use Facebook Ads

• Spend time Building following on relevant forums like Nairaland

• Do some keyword research; write around the subject for your site.

I would like to stop her for now and get feed back from those of you who read through this article. Just leave a comment in the comment section you don’t need to register to do that.

6. Conclusion:

In conclusion, information marketing is a great way to supplement your income or create an entirely new career. The entry is low-risk, and the potential is amazing - whoever you are, whatever your background. So get started today!

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