Agro Exportation in Nigeria, With Little or No Capital.

Agriculture was once the number one revenue generating sector in Nigeria before the discovery of crude oil. With products like cocoa, groundnut, cashew, rubber, etc as top export products. With the drop in oil prices, we are beginning to see little improvement again in the Agro Export Industry. 

We have countries like; Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Brazil and other countries as major producers and suppliers of agricultural products to the international commodity export market.

Countries like USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Holland among other countries account for over 4million tons per year demand for agricultural products.

Nigeria is blessed with fertile soil for agriculture, just like the popular song by TY Bello, "The Land is Green" our land is still green and fertile, almost all the states have various agricultural products in abundance and ready for export. Agricultural products like cocoa, cashew, ginger, garlic, plantain, rubber, cotton, among other products can be found in various states in Nigeria.

With the availability of these products in Nigeria and the high demand of most of these products in the in international market, due to their major use for production in various industries like the food and confectionery, textiles, drugs, etc, I wouldn't be wrong to say that this is an opportunity to make huge income in foreign currency  through Agro Export Using Digital Marketing. Just imagine the profit you stand to gain exporting like 10 - 20 Tons of agricultural products to a foreign buyer in Europe on a regular basis.

There are three ways in which you can start Agro Export in Nigeria:

1. Agro Export Agent (Broker): As an Agro Export Agent, you would not be needing much to start, all you would be doing is brokering the deals and getting your commissions for every transaction you get. You would be making use of Digital marketing practices to help you get your clients.

2. Small Scale Exporter:  You would need a little capital to start, this capital is used in purchasing the agricultural products in small quantity, packaging and branding it too. You would also need to implement digital marketing practices to get clients and logistics is usually mainly by air cargo.

3. Big Time Agro Exporter: This kind of exporter would need huge capital as a starter. Warehousing and the rest become a factor if you want to start like this. 
Whichever way you choose to begin, either as an Agent or Small Scale Exporter, it doesn't tale soo much time to become big if you are consistent and dedicated to the business.

To start exporting agricultural products from Nigeria, you need to get more information on the following:

How to contact foreign buyers of Agricultural Products.

How to get foreign buyers to sign an export contract with you.

Where and How to source for cheap agro products in abundance for export.

Methods of payment recognized in agro export business.

Documents needed in Agro Export

These and many more information I have put together in a PDF Guide to enable you make an informed decision in starting Agro Export Business with little or no capital.

This eBook cost only #1,050 and as a bonus you get access to join our Agro membership group on facebook, where you would meet with other big time exporters and intending ones, farmers, and you get to learn a lot relating to Technology, Funding & Marketing in Agro Business in Nigeria.

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